Especially when it comes to powering your employees' workdays. Employees appreciate it when an employer offers coffee service at the office.1 So discover how Primo Water North America® can tailor an office coffee solution to fit your workplace. Whether your office is small, medium or large, our custom plans will fit your needs, save you time and give your colleagues and clients an authentic coffeehouse experience right in your breakroom. It is just a click away.

Learn more about coffee below and then let Primo Water North America® brew more out of your day.

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Origins of coffee.

From "kahve" in Turkish to "koffie" in Dutch to "caffè" in Italian – coffee has been called many things. Originally it was an Arabic word translating to the "wine of the bean." Coffee from all over the world can be traced back to the forests of Africa. By the 17th century, coffee made its way to Europe and other continents and eventually to North America.2

Coffee's popularity continued to grow into the household staple it is today. From coffeehouses to breakrooms, millions of cups are consumed daily around the world, and Primo Water North America® offers a variety of coffee from around the globe.

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Robusta vs. Arabica

A higher elevation makes for a better bean, but it also makes it more difficult to harvest.

Even if you are not a coffee connoisseur, chances are you have heard the terms "Robusta" and "Arabica" to describe coffee, but what is the difference? Different coffee beans can affect the taste, caffeine level and sugar content of your cup of coffee.

Robusta is one of the most popular coffee beans and is used by many brands today. It naturally has more caffeine than Arabica, which gives it a more powerful (and some may say bitter) taste. Robusta plants prefer lower altitudes and warmer temperatures. Since it is easier to harvest, it is used more often in coffee blends.

Arabica beans are found in higher elevations and thrive in cooler temperatures, making them harder to harvest than Robusta beans. The beans themselves are shaped like an oval, while Robusta beans are more circular in shape. Arabica beans also contain more lipids and almost twice the amount of sugar as Robusta beans, offering a smoother, less intense taste.3 Robusta is the preferred bean for espresso, while 75% of the world's coffee production is Arabica.7

Many coffee brands blend together Robusta and Arabica beans to make a unique taste. Let Primo Water North America® work with you to figure out the right blend and coffee roasts for your office or home today.

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The difference between light, medium and dark roasts.

We offer a variety of quality light, medium and dark roasts for your office or home, but what are the differences between the types? Is it important to include more than one type of coffee in your breakroom?

It may surprise most to learn that in addition to a bolder flavor, darker roasts actually have less caffeine. The higher the roasting temperature is (or darker), the less caffeine there is. Dark roasts, like French roasts, are sometimes black in color. This is because the oils from the coffee beans are completely exposed from roasting. This gives the coffee its very distinct and bold taste that some people prefer.4

Medium roasts, like our Javarama® brand, are a little lighter than our darker brands but still offer a rich color compared to the light roast. The oils start to show during roasting, and the flavors and aromas of the coffee begin to make themselves known.

Light roasts are the brightest blend and contain the highest level of acidity and the most caffeine, and they're considered to be the mildest in flavor. Light roasts are typically used to create the most flavored coffee, which makes it very popular in breakrooms.

Create a well-stocked breakroom that appeals to all the different tastes in your office. We'll work with you to create an oasis for your employees.

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Single-serve coffee.

The popularity of single-serve coffee continues to grow every year and it is easy to see why. A single-serve machine offers an easy way to meet all of your employees' different tastes without having anyone settle for a certain roast or type. Nearly 30% of coffee drinkers enjoy the quality, convenience, blend and flavor variety that single cups provide – making it essential to your office's kitchen, breakroom or beverage station.5

Primo Water North America® offers a wide variety of popular brands through single-serve like Javarama®, our high-quality private label brand, Green Mountain Coffee®, Starbucks® coffee, ALTERRA® Coffee Roasters and more! Explore the different single-serve machines and find the one that fits your office.

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KCup and Flavia Packs

Traditional roasted coffee.

Traditional roasted coffee is still the overwhelming leader of coffee types served in the workplace. One reason for this is that many find the brewing process gives it a distinct taste. Add in the fact that traditional roasted coffee serves multiple people with each brewing, and you can see why it has such widespread popularity in offices throughout the world. The flavors inside the coffee beans are released during the roasting process, giving it a distinct aroma too.

Primo Water North America® offers a number of roasted coffee brands ready to be brewed in your large office.

From a single origin to high-quality blends, your employees, guests and clients in large offices can enjoy a variety of multi-serve roasted quality coffee like Javarama®, Green Mountain Coffee®, Starbucks® coffee and many more.

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Coffee Roasting

Whole bean coffee.

Another popular option for larger offices is whole bean coffee. Whole bean coffee is created when the two halves are not ground and are left in their original states.6 The flavors are kept locked inside the beans until they are ground, which is exactly what makes "fresh-ground coffee" fresh.

Grinding whole beans in your breakroom adds a few extra steps to the morning routine, but the freshness cannot be denied. Some say the smell of our fresh-ground coffee beans makes it all worth it as it transforms office beverage stations into an inviting coffeehouse.

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